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We all knew that, among three branches of DAWAT, MADRASA, ISLAMIA is one of it. Nabi S.A.S started the 1st madras as ‘madrasa sufa’ from which all came into existence. And from this madrasa lakh’s of madrasa’s came into existence all over the world. By viewing the environment around us, the madrasa’s of girls along with boys has also been started. From many Dous, there was a need of a madrasa in the nearby areas of kurundwad, with Alhamdulillah is now established in kurundwad.

This madrasa was started before five years age & with the duas of Ulema-E-Rabbani, this madrasa have achieved a huge success. Until now two batches have been successfully deployed. This year completed their course.In our Madrasa, Hifz, Najerah, Diniyat & five years completed Aalima courses are undertaken. Along with madrasa, the Makatib’s of elder student are also undertaken & the knowledge of tablig is also given to student. Along with study courses, we undertaken the sessions of sahebe nisbat ulema every month Now-a-dous, run madrasa for some period in a rented building. One year ago we have purchased 5000 sq. ft areas & the constriction work will be started soon whose total contraction estimate is Rs.3 Crore which will be achieved by all of your concern & charity, Inshaallah.

Along with the course studies, than we also teach the student other activities like stitching clothes, painting on clothes, cooking & composing. Every Thursday per week, after Zuhr, we take practice session of speech & naat of all the students. Right now, there are 70 students in our madrasa, in with 8 students are paying the fees & remaining 62 students are poor & orphan, whose all expenses such as accommodation, Food, Medical is undertaken by madrasa.